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Estate Swing Automatic Exit Wand 100' Lead (CP-3-100-5W)
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   Accessory Compatibilities Top of Page
The Estate Swing Wand is compatible with:

Estate Swing: ES502, ES1602, ESU2200, ES300, ES1100, ESC1102, ESU2202, ES302, ES1102, ESC1600, ES500, ES1600, ESC1602, ES-L 450, E-SL 1200, E-SL 1800, E-SL 2000AC, E-SC1102 Carriage Door Opener, E-SC 352 Carriage Door Opener, E-SC1602 Carriage Door Opener.
Apollo: 1550, 3600, 1600, 1650, 3500, NT-H12ETLSingle, NT-H12ETLDual, 7000UL, 7500ETL, NT-T7 Single, NT-T7 Dual, NT-T5 Single, NT-T5 Dual, BA12
Mighty Mule: FM200, FM502, FM350, FM352, FM500
GTO: SW050, SW3000XL, SW052, SW3002XL, SW2000XL, SW4000XL, SW2002XL, SW4002XL, SL2000B, GP-SL050, GP-SL100, GP-SL052, SL-2002B, GP-SL102
Zareba: G550, G552, G750, G752
LiftMaster: LA-400, LA-412, LA-400-D, LA-412-D

   Accessory Uses Top of Page

The Estate Swing automatic free exit vehicle detecting exit wand makes leaving your property a breeze. Any car driving towards the gate will be detected and automatically open the gate for the leaving party. Easy to install, it gets buried directly in the ground next to the driveway, not under it, so there is no saw cutting or paving to do. As metal moves past the sensor the gate opener is triggered to open.

The exit wand comes with 4 optional lengths of wire pre-attached, which cannot be lengthened. It is highly recommended to position the exit wand as far back from the gate as your property can allow, this will give more time for the gate to open and less of a chance the car exiting will move into the path of the gate. Also cars need to be moving to trigger the wand, so further back the cars will not be slowing or stopping yet to wait for the gate.

   Accessory Features Top of Page

  • Convenience: No remotes, no keypads, no opening the gate for guests, anyone inside can simply drive towards the gate and it will open like magic.
  • Easy Install: Conduit is not needed, it is direct burial. Also, unlike loops, this device is positioned next to the driveway, not under it so there is not concrete cutting or patchwork.
  • Estate Swing Simple: As with all Estate Swing products it is designed to be a no fuss DIY addition to the gate opener. The power and communication comes directly off of the Estate Swing control board, simply match up 4 wires to terminals and your ready to go.
  • Long Warranty: 5 year warranty

  •    Accessory Options Top of Page
    The exit wand is available with the following amount of lead wire.
    You may not extend the wire.

  • 100' Lead Wire

  •    Product Media Top of Page
    Wiring to specific openers:

    Manual: cp3_m
    QB ID: CP-3-100-5W

    Customer Service: Toll Free: 1-800-537-4283 • 9am-7pm EST, Mon-Fri • 9am-5pm EST, Sat