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Linear Access 2 Channel Digital Keypad - AK11 (without receiver)
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   Accessory Compatibilities Top of Page
The Linear Access 2 Channel Digital Keypad Wired is compatible with:

Estate Swing: ES502, ES1602, ESU2200, ES300, ES1100, ESC1102, ESU2202, ES302, ES1102, ESC1600, ES500, ES1600, ESC1602, ES-L 450, E-SL 1200, E-SL 1800, E-SL 2000AC, E-SC1102 Carriage Door Opener, E-SC 352 Carriage Door Opener, E-SC1602 Carriage Door Opener.
Apollo: 1550, 3600, 1600, 1650, 3500, NT-H12ETLSingle, NT-H12ETLDual, 7000UL, 7500ETL, NT-T7 Single, NT-T7 Dual, NT-T5 Single, NT-T5 Dual, BA12
Mighty Mule: FM200, FM502, FM350, FM352, FM500
GTO: SW050, SW3000XL, SW052, SW3002XL, SW2000XL, SW4000XL, SW2002XL, SW4002XL, SL2000B, GP-SL050, GP-SL100, GP-SL052, SL-2002B, GP-SL102
Zareba: G550, G552, G750, G752
LiftMaster: LA-400, LA-412, LA-400-D, LA-412-D
Other: Gate Crafters Pedestrian Gate Lock, Most other gate openers.

   Accessory Uses Top of Page
Available with a built in radio receiver to program Linear remotes to activate keypad/gate. The keypad with or without receiver must still be wired to the opener. Choose radio option above. With this Linear Access 2 Channel Digital Keypad you can add additional security to your automatic gate, or any secured areas that have an electronic release capability. The keypad is housed in a rugged cast aluminum enclosure that can be mounted to a pedestal or bolted directly to a wall.

Linear is well known for superior access control. Their keypads are seen outside some of the most prestigious homes in America as well as outside many businesses. The reason they are such a good choice for business are their flexibility in their functions. They can be used from something as simple as code entry to being a receiver for remotes to locking out codes during time frames. The Party mode feature allows for the keypad to hold a gate open using a separate code when multiple guests are expected.

Even with their solid metal face their keypads still manage to light up using a downward light from the overhanging top, making night access a snap. Steel buttons also enhance the keypads luxury look. It has a key lock on the bottom to secure the wiring hookups from the curious or vandals.

The DOOR SENSE/INHIBIT input can be used two ways. If programmed for "door sense", a switch on the door detects forced entry or door ajar situations. If programmed for "inhibit", the input can be wired to a "service" switch or automatic timer that will disable the Relay #1 when required.

The REQUEST-TO-ENTER input can be wired to a push-button or fire access key-switch to provide codeless entry for authorized personnel. The "anti-passback" feature prevents using the same code twice before the programmed time elapses.

The ALARM SHUNT output activates when access is granted. This output can be wired to shunt alarm contacts on the access door/gate to prevent triggering of an alarm when authorized access occurs. Two solid state outputs, capable of switching 100 mA to common, are programmable to signal forced entry, door ajar, lockout, alarm circuit shunting, request-to-enter, and keypad active conditions.

   Accessory Features Top of Page

  • Large Code Capacity: 480 Entry Code Capacity; 1-6 Digit Entry Code Length
  • Easy Use: Two LED Indicators and a courtesy lamp for easy programming
  • Extra Features: 2 output relays, keypad lockout and piezo sounder
  • Receiver Option: Will work with MegaCode remotes: if receiver option chosen
  • Capabilities: Party Mode Capability
  • Self-contained keyless entry system: Ideal for residential, office buildings, parking lots, airports, hospitals, warehouses and many other commercial facilities.
  • Rugged, cast aluminum enclosure: For indoor or outdoor mounting on a wall or pedestal
  • Four independent outputs and timers Two form C relays and two solid-state open collector outputs with unique programming per entry code

  •    Accessory Options Top of Page
  • With Receiver
  • Without Receiver

  •    Product Media Top of Page
    General Specifications

    Wiring to specific openers:

    Apollo 3500/3600
    Apollo 1500/1600
    E-S 1100/1102
    E-S 1600/1602
    E-SC 1600
    E-SC 1102
    E-SU 2200/2202
    GTO/PRO SW3000/3002
    GTO/PRO SW4000/4002
    Zareba G450/452
    Zareba G750/752

    Manual: AK 11
    QB ID: AK-11

    Customer Service: Toll Free: 1-800-537-4283 • 9am-7pm EST, Mon-Fri • 9am-5pm EST, Sat