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Replacement Parts

Gate-Openers.com offers replacement parts for the FAAC, Elite, Apollo, and Sentry brands. We carry repair kits, replacement motors, power cords, control boards and more. When it comes to keeping your customer's gate opener functioning, you can count on Gate-Openers parts selection and expertise.
Replacement Parts

FM500/PRO3000 Front Mount (FTMT5030)

Front Mount Replacment for MightyMule 500/502 & PRO3000/3002.

25' Operator Power Cord (AW204)

Pro1000/FM700 series power cable. May be used for remote relocation of the control box or for connecting the slave arm.

AW201 PRO 4.5C (PRO 1000) Replacement Power Cable-4.5 ft

4.5 ft. power cable included with PRO 1000/FM700 single gate operators.

AW240 PRO 40C (PRO 1000) Extended Power Cable-40 ft

40 ft. power cable for PRO 1000 series operators.

Standard Replacement Battery Mighty Mule FM150 (RB500)

This standard 12 Volt, 7.0 amp-hour, maintenance-free battery is compatible with the FM700/FM500/PRO1000/PRO2000/PRO3000/PRO4000.

Motor Housing Cover, Polyethylene for FMS1000/1200 (A207)

This motor housing cover is designed to replace the cover for the Pro Sliding 1000/1200 series.

Front Mount Repair Kit for PRO1000/1200 (FM313)

This is a front mount repair kit for the PRO1000/FM700 series swing gate opener. It includes the front mount bracket, clevis pin, washer and hairpin clip.

Control Board 12volt, PRO1000/FM700 (AQ250)

This replcement part is the control board for the PRO 1000 series gate opener. This control board is also compatible with the FM700/702 gate opener.

Control Board 12volt, PRO2000 & FMS1000 (AQ251)

This replcement part is the control board for the PRO 2000 series and Pro SL 1000 series gate opener.

Control Board PRO3000/4000/MM500/502(R4211)

Replacement Control Board for GTO-PRO3000/4000 MightyMule 500/502 Replaces part #s PRO3040PCB MM500PCB MM502PCB

Heavy Duty Replacement Transformer (RB570)

Heavy Duty 18 Volt, 40 VA, AC transformer for charging the battery included with the PRO2000, FMS1000 & FMS2000.

Pedestrian Lock Replacement Transformer (RB421 / R4686)

Standard 12 Volt DC charger needed for charging the battery included with the Pedestrian Gate Lock made by GTO, inc.

Standard Receiver Assembly w/Antenna & 10' cable Mighty Mule RB709U (AQ201)

This replacement part is the standard receiver assembly that comes with all gate operators made by GTO, Inc. (PRO1000/PRO2000/FMS1000/FMS2000 & FM700 Series Compatible)

Motor Housing Cover, for PRO1000/FM700 (R9041)

This is a replacement motor housing cover for the PRO1000/FM700 series swing gate opener.

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